Top 5 Migraine Blogs


A Life with Migraines

As the 6th leading cause of disability, it is estimated that nearly 1 billion people worldwide suffer from migraine headaches. For many of these people, migraines are frequent – sometimes daily – an occurrence that severely impacts their life. While suffering through a migraine, many people find it impossible to go to work or otherwise perform their daily activities. Connecting with others who also live with a migraine diagnosis can create a sense of solidarity and reassurance that one does not suffer alone.   

There are a number of online communities dedicated to exploring the symptoms, triggers, and treatments of migraines. From foods to avoid to natural remedies and emerging medications, there is a wealth of information to be explored.

Check out our top 5 favorite blogs dedicated specifically to people who suffer from migraines:

My Migraine Life –

My Migraine Life is the documentation of one mother’s battle with migraines – and the difficulties of parenting while suffering from a chronic illness. Sarah, the woman behind the blog, is a special education teacher, mother of two, and animal lover. As part of her blog, she offers product reviews on a variety of natural remedies, workouts, meals and bath products designed to help alleviate the pain associated with migraine headaches. In addition to an honest review, Sarah will often include a promo code that offers a discount on the product. For some of her favorite products, she hosts giveaway contests as well!

The landing page for My Migraine Life displays a collection of recent blog posts in different categories such as: advocacy, upcoming events, product reviews and milestones of her migraine journey. In the About section, you can learn more about Sarah’s personal life as a mother and teacher. Included in this section is a list of blog posts that offer a starting place for anyone who is new to her blog and wants to get a better sense of what information she provides.

Why we love it:  Sarah keeps it real.  Her blog posts are open, honest accounts of her life and the solutions that she’s found. While they may not work for everyone, she aims to help as many people as possible by sharing her story and advocating for those who suffer from migraines and other invisible illnesses. 

The Migraine Mantras –

The Migraine Mantras website aims to help migraine sufferers by raising awareness, inspiring hope and embracing mindfulness. There are fifteen writers that regularly post blogs on a variety of topics relating to migraines and other chronic illnesses. In addition, they allow their readers to apply for a position as a writer on the blog and/or an opportunity to add a guest post. With such a large number of sources, Migraine Mantras explores the impact of migraines at a depth and breadth not found in other blogs. 

The landing page for Migraine Mantras lists a series of recent blog posts on a variety of topics. Alternatively, their Categories page separates the articles into the following sections: information and resources, other chronic illnesses, mental health, treatments, personal stories, product reviews, and guest posts. In the About Us page, you can find detailed biographies for each of the fifteen writers who regularly post on the site.

Why we love it:  While the main focus of the website is geared towards those that suffer from migraines, this blog takes into account other chronic illnesses as well. From physical conditions such as chronic pain and fibromyalgia to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, the community at Migraine Mantras aims to create an inclusive environment filled with helpful resources and personal stories of both failure and success.

Migraine Relief Center –

The Migraine Relief Center was started by brothers Dr. Mark Khorsandi and Dr. Christopher Khorsandi.  Mark and Christopher both completed surgical residency programs and now employ the micro-surgery techniques they learned to the treatment of migraine headaches.  While the doctors themselves practice only in Texas, their website offers a wealth of information on the possible causes of migraines, the variety of available treatments and what to expect when consulting a doctor for chronic migraines.

The landing page for the Migraine Relief Center is a clean, well-formatted introduction to the variety of services available.  As you scroll down, there is a brief overview of treatments, biographies on the doctors, patient success stories and a link to their blog.  Written by Dr. Mark Khorsandi, these blog posts center on causes of migraine headaches, comorbidities frequently associated with a migraine diagnosis and available treatments.

Why we love it:  The blog on Migraine Relief Center’s website provides quality content written with readers in mind.  Readers do not need a medical degree to make sense of the information provided by Dr. Mark Khorsandi – blog posts are well-formatted and any medical jargon used is clearly defined.  In addition to blog posts, the Migraine Relief Center offers a free guide to microsurgery for migraines and a migraine diary to help readers keep track of their symptoms. – features blog posts from a team of twelve professional medical writers as well as guest posts.  In addition to regular posts and articles, offers sections of the basics of migraines, daily living with migraines, symptoms, treatments and mental illnesses that frequently accompany a migraine diagnosis. 

The landing page displays a few of the most recent articles written by the medical writers or their guests.  As you scroll down, there is a poll, an area to sign up for e-mail newsletters, and links to recent forum activity.  The site is well-formatted and easy to navigate.  At the bottom of the home page there are links to a variety of other websites dedicated to chronic illnesses such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis and more.

Why we love it:  Along with the guest posts, the forums allow for a chance for migraine sufferers to communicate with each other.  They can share their symptoms and discuss the treatments that have worked for them and those that haven’t.  Living with an invisible illness can be truly isolating – connecting with others who understand the pain of your condition can help ease some of the emotional distress.

Migraine Again –

Migraine Again offers a plethora of information – including regularly posted articles.  Topics range from medications to food triggers to symptoms of migraine prodrome.  Information is broken down into five many categories: Eat, Breath, Survive, Thrive, and Engage.  Within each of these subsections are articles written by a number of different authors, most of whom suffer from migraines and want to promote awareness and share their stories.

The landing page for Migraine Again is a bit busy, but only because there is so much information to offer.  Along the right side of the page there is a display of recently published articles and links to different social media outlets and podcasts.  At the bottom of page are links to various resources regarding the common patterns associated with migraines, prevention, mind-body connection and work-life-migraine balance.

Why we love it:  Along with the usual information provided by websites catering to migraine sufferers, Migraine Again also has articles about celebrities who have opened up about their struggle with migraines.  Celebrities are often idolized and the knowledge that they too are afflicted with medical problems creates a relatability that many people find comforting.

Coping with Migraines

There may be no preventive treatment for migraines, but connecting with others who also suffer with the same diagnosis can create a sense of community and belonging.  Invisible illnesses, including migraines, are misunderstood, underdiagnosed and undertreated.  If you suffer from migraines, reach out to others in a migraine forum or read articles to discover if any of the treatments that worked for others might work for you.  What are some of your favorite migraine blogs and resources?  Let us know in the comments below!