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I have been experiencing migraines since I was about 13 years old. Back then, we didn’t have insurance nor have anyone heard of head pain. I recall my mother asking me what’s wrong with you. She would give me aspirin but the pain was so unbearable I would lay in bed with a pillow over my head and cried myself to sleep.

In the summer, I worked in the fields and the pain was very painful, but I couldn’t stop because that would mean I wouldn’t get paid and I wouldn’t be able to help buy groceries for our little family. I was raised by my mother and have 2 other siblings. As I grew older, I always wondered why I was so different, always in pain and I couldn’t understand why the sun hated me.

I continued to work throughout the years to pay my rent and get food on the table. I struggled, but I kept it all inside. I had no insurance and continued like this for several more years. Finally, I got insurance and proceeded to visit the doctor who prescribed some pain medicine. I was happy, but when taking that pill, my happiness turned to anger. I felt the doctor had given me a water pill – I was still in pain! It wasn’t until a few more years later that my friend would visit me, notice my eyes swollen and asked me to go to the doctor for her.

This time, I visited a different doctor. I went through all types of testing and when the doctor told me I was suffering from chronic migraines, I started to cry because I finally felt that someone understood me. All my life I had wondered why I was so different, with a cloud over my head. I have been taking preventative migraine medicine now for 4 years and I can tell you that on the 2nd day of taking my medicine, I could see outside in the sun. I can see, I can see! Before I had to squint my eyes and I would get migraines like as if the sun sent a lightning shock through my body to cause a migraine.

I went from 23 days to 7 days of pain a month and pain average level from 9 to 5. My migraines are heritage on my father’s side, the missing link all my life. I now can smile and be happy when I am not sick, I feel normal. So much of my life has been taken away from me, I don’t know why me but there is a reason. Maybe is to tell you my story. You are not alone.

What’s your experience with migraines? Show your support by Sharing and Commenting!


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