Rook vs Daith: Which Piercing is Better for Migraines?


Migraines suck. They can take control of your life. You start with a headache and before you know it, you are sitting in a dark, quiet shower just trying to find comfort. Treatment options can be quite frustrating. Pain killers can mean that you can’t function, may lose your ability to drive, and could even cost you jobs. Not getting any treatment at all could mean you miss days of work, social outings, and even start to isolate yourself. Depression set in. So, what are you supposed to do about it?

You may have seen or heard piercing for migraines. Perhaps they have your curiosity. They have been the talk of many social pages, so maybe it is time to reach down into the research and see if they hold any merit and which one would be the best.

Acupuncture has been around for centuries. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that by manipulating the points of the body, you can release trapped energy so that the body can heal itself. Two of the points to help with migraines are in the ear. The rook and the daith piercings both have their benefits for those who suffer from migraines. Let’s compare them.

The Locations

Both the daith and the rook piercings are in the ear. Reach up and touch your ear. That fold right above your ear canal, that is where your rook piercing will go. Now, reach above it to the bend in your ear, that is where your daith piercing will go. The biggest difference is that daith piercing goes through your ear so that part of it encompasses both sides of your ear while the rook piercing only goes through the fold on the front of your ear.


Both piercing are rings. The daith ring is slightly larger, usually. This is because it goes through both sides of the ear rather than just the loop. You shouldn’t wear bars or posts in either piercing.


Both piercings have a rather long healing time. The rook piercing takes three to six months while the rook piercing can take up to nine months. You should clean them both regularly with a saline solution. The rook piercing is slightly easier to care for. The daith piercing sits in just the right place to catch your hair and shed skin. It can mean that it is at a slightly higher risk of infection.


The daith piercing is said to help with pain in general, not just migraines. It has also been known to relieve anxiety. If your migraines are a side effect of medications or injury, then a daith piercing would have more benefits for you.

The rook piercing is better for depression. It is also known to help you lose weight. If your migraines are not a side effect of another condition, then a rook piercing would be better for you.

How is Piercing Done?

The piercings are done almost the same way. They will be done with a hollow needle. It is pierced by hand rather than with a piercing gun. Once the hole is made, the jewelry is put in.

Possible Side Effects and Complications

The chance of infection is the biggest side effect and complication that you will come across. You want to make sure that the person you have to pierce your ear is a professional, all the equipment is clean, the needle and jewelry is new, and that you have check references.

If you do get an infection, treatment can vary from more cleanings needed to have surgery. In the most severe cases, parts of the ear had to be removed.

Which One Works Better?

Migraines are different for everyone. There could be other factors that affect them, for example hormones or medications. Therefore, no one can tell you what will work for your exact situation. The best that anyone can tell you is how it worked for them and why. Then you can decide if it will work for you.

Users on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter were all asked what they considered to be better for their migraines. The overwhelming response was that neither was better, but both had their benefits. Also, there was one warning that we came across again and again:

Both piercings can make migraines worse. There is no guarantee that the piercings will work. Since you cannot just take them out, you should put a lot of consideration into whether it is worth the risk. We did run across a few people who said that the pain that they caused made the migraines to become stronger. They also said that once the healing was done, there was a reduction in migraine duration and frequency.

There you have it, the comparison of the tow most talked about piercings among migraine suffers. It is completely possible that it could help you finally find relief in something as seemingly simple as a piercing. If you combine a piercing with a change in diet, then you can probably find the path to controlling your migraines so that they don’t control your life. Isn’t that the desired outcome of any treatment plan?