Nausea and Migraines: Why they go together

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Did you know that when you suffer from a Migraine that your digestive system slows down? This is called gastric stasis otherwise known as delayed stomach emptying. It’s because of this food sitting in your stomach, that you might feel nausea at the same time as a Migraine.

Because of gastric stasis, it can be very hard to consume food for those that suffer from Migraines frequently. In some cases, those with migraines have been shown to lose weight simply because they have difficulty eating.

It’s important to note that nausea can happen during any stage of a migraine.

It’s ironic that some people need to take a medication to stop a Migraine attack but simply can’t because of feeling too nauseous. If you can’t take an oral medication, try and find another medication that pharmaceutical companies sell. There are other options out there that might work for you



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