How do you cope with Migraines? Share the story to Raise Awareness!

I never knew or understand what migraines were when I started getting them. I was only 16 years old and was really scared something serious was wrong with me. My parents never took me to a doctor. I lived many years with migraines and they were terrible especially during puberty. Finally, had enough after days of having one and throwing up all the way to the doctor and he helped me figure out what they were. It was many years before I got a neurologist and started on a course of medicine.

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Through the years, I have lived every day trying to prevent one. Every day I pray I don’t have one and have to stick to a strict regime of sleep and diet, but stress keeps my butt. That one I haven’t been able to control, and they are the main cause of my headaches. I hate that they strike when I have plans. I found out something interesting, my migraine headache and coffee work well together.

This group has helped me immensely in learning about medicines and types of migraines, and tips and tricks on how to control them. Feels good to know them, to know that I am not alone because for many years I felt like I was the only one that had them. But, I was wrong. Many people fight this and we are stronger together.

How do you cope with Migraines? Share the story to Raise Awareness!

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