Emergency Rooms and Migraines. What Happens Next?

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For many Migraines are a way of life. But what happens when a Migraine becomes far too painful to manage?

ER doctors are not necessarily experts when it comes to Migraines. What they are going to do is make sure there is nothing else going on inside your head. They would order various tests like a CT scan or a spinal tap in order to make sure there is no bleeding in your brain, you aren’t having a stroke, or have meningitis. If you often get Migraines, these tests will probably not prove helpful.

Emergency rooms are also not necessarily designed well for those experiencing a Migraine. They can be very loud and very bright. They are designed for treating a large amount of people with life threatening emergency and not Migraines so keep that in mind.

Most people that go to the ER for a Migraine do not receive lasting results from any medication they receive during their visit. In fact, the better option is to have a good relationship with an outpatient doctor who might specialize in Migraines. They can get a better understanding of the pain you are going through on a long term basis and learn what works or doesn’t work for you.

It’s always important to point out that if you are having a Migraine you shouldn’t be driving anywhere as this is a large distraction. Take an Uber/Lyft instead (be sure to ask them to keep the music down J).

Have you ever been to the ER due to a Migraine? Comment your story below!



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