Breaking News: Dry Eye Disease linked to Migraines

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Do you suffer from Dry Eye Disease(DED)? This could make sense due to a new study just released

In a study of 41,764 men and 31,205 women, researchers found some startling news. 5352 patients patients had a diagnosis of migraines and 9638 carried a diagnosis of DED out of this group. Researchers then tried to see if there was any overlap in these two patient groups.

The results were pretty clear.

The odds of having DED with those diagnosed with Migraines was 1.42 times higher than in people without migraines. An easier way to put this is that you are 142% times more likely to have Dry Eye Disease if you have Migraines.

The mechanisms between the two diseases are somewhat similar in that both have an inflammatory process in play. But researchers arn’t exactly sure what the exact correlation is

If you have Migraines and start to experience dry eyes, don’t freak out, go see a doctor

Ismail OM, Poole ZB, BS; Bierly SL, et al. Association between dry eye disease and migraine headaches in a large population-based study [published online March 7, 2019]. JAMA Ophthalmol. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2019.0170.



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