I Suffer From Migraines as a Result of Domestic Violence

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I suffer from migraines 4 days a week most of the time.

I started having migraines in 2003 after being in a coma for 3 weeks from the result of domestic violence.

Now I take Excedrin and Topamax twice a day. When I am suffering from a migraine I have to stay in bed under the blankets and I also put covers on the windows to keep the light out.



If there is light in the room when I have a migraine, then the pain becomes worse. I try to isolate myself as much as I can because in those situations the migraine passes only with the pills. When I am out and the migraine starts, the pain becomes too strong for me to endure it.

I can’t even talk to anyone because just hearing a voice that is too loud worsens the pain.


Source: http://cureup.org/story/migraines-domestic-violence/



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