Sharp Cheese Is The Reason For My Migraines

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My son and I both get migraines.

I’m not sure when mine really started but my sons started this year. He is 6 years old. I’m hoping for a cure one day for migraines.

I get auras with some of my severe headaches, but not with all of them. My son said his aren’t as bad as mine are yet.

After I had my son I realized that sharp cheese is my biggest trigger for migraines. The problem is – my husband eats only extra sharp cheddar.



I found out about my cheese intolerance by accident. I was eating blue cheese on buffalo wings & felt like I was getting a migraine. The feeling faded so I went back to finish them. The same feeling hit me but no migraine. Well, next morning bam migraine.

It turned out that the thing I like the most – cheese, gives me migraines. Every time I eat or even smell sharp cheese I get these severe headaches. Luckily, not every type gives me migraines.

I am not sure what the trigger is for my son. He gets the same feeling after eating a hot dog, but I pray that hod dogs are not the reason for my son’s migraines. I would not have the heart to take this food from my boy.





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