My Migraine Tips

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On and off for the past few years, I have been suffering from migraine headaches.

At first, they were difficult to deal with. Over time I have learned some tips and tricks that help relieve migraine pain.

Here are some of the things that help me deal with my pain, so if there is anything you haven’t tried, try it, it may help you.

Tip 1: take Excedrin or Tylenol as soon as migraine symptoms start. I found that when you wait the medicine takes awhile to kick in. If the medicine is taken early a lot of times it stops the migraine before it starts.



Tip 2: take a cold soda can and hold it to the back of your neck. I know it sounds strange but this actually helps. The cold helps relieve the pain.

Tip 3: take a cold rag and hold it onto the back of your neck. Once again, the cold helps and even if it does not, it won’t make the pain stronger.

Tip 4: if you can try to take a nap. A lot of times this will help to relieve the pain. Be careful with this one, sometimes the headache might become stronger if you fall asleep. If this happened to you before, don’t try to sleep the migraine off unless you have taken a medication before you go to bed.

Hope these tips are useful. They have really helped me.





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