Motion Sickness brought me to Chronic Migraines

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I had suffered from chronic migraines for 30 years.

Several neurologists had told me that many people who have migraines as adults also had motion sickness as a child. I had motion sickness as a child.

I don’t remember how old I was when my parents bought a vacation home on a lake and then a motorboat. The first time, I was afraid to ride in the boat.

My parents instantly became furious, started yelling at me and berating me and told me if I was going to cry, they’d give me something to cry about. So, I made a small space in my seat for God to sit next to me on the boat but I didn’t mention this because I didn’t want to get yelled at and berated again.



I learned to suppress any feelings of fear. I was also afraid to ride in elevators and when forced to ride in elevators with my parents, if I cried, I was berated and called names accordingly. I no longer felt fearful but I had severe motion sickness and migraines. My childhood was filled with motion sickness situations, but I had no idea that it could bring me migraines.

None of the medications the doctors gave me ever helped. I still have to wear scopolamine ear patches to fly on an airplane so that instead of having severe motion sickness, I only have mild motion sickness.

Now I’m focusing on facing my fears instead of repressing them and avoiding my cruel mother at all costs. It’s a slow process but it’s helping and I’m slowly getting off of all of my medications.

I hope my story helps others.





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