Migraine Made me Question my Sanity

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I was such a sickly little girl it seemed.

I can remember as far back as 4 years old always being sick to my stomach and holding my head because it hurt so bad.

It was hard living like that. I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know it wasn’t my fault. It just hurt really bad. There was nothing I can do to stop it.

Whenever my mom took us out to do something “fun” my excitement would trigger “something” and I would get sick and vomit and have to go home and lie in bed in a dark room.

Every time that happened I thought that something is wrong with me. That I am crazy. It had to be that, right? The pain felt like it was out of this world.

All those years ago a headache was a headache. I remember my dad having a hanky tied hard around his forehead sitting on the couch and no one could make any noise.

It wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I had such a major attack and my OB-GYN told me to come in right away and she said, do you know what you are having? A migraine attack!

I cried because finally I was given a diagnosis – I wasn’t CRAZY!


Source: http://cureup.org/story/migraine-question-my-sanity/



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