Living with Migraines

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Where do I start?

I can say that Migraines are a challenge to live with. What I mean is that you lose quality of life. They can happen anytime without notice. The physical frustrations of living with Migraines can be frustrating and debilitating. From tunnel vision to irritations of Sound and light. Honestly, I have to say I have a migraine everyday. It’s the intensity that causes the problems.

You learn to manage your pain level with different techniques. Myself, I have tried Acupuncture, Botox, Imitrex, Maxalt, numerous other remedies that are in the market. I have asked my VA Doctor to try oxygen. I am still waiting for that to be approved. It’s frustrating with the medical field because, they don’t offer pain medications to take the edge off. They fear the medication would cause backlash of migraines. I have many many nights cried myself to anger. I get advise from everyone that I should relax, try meditation, go for a walk.

So, many give advise without really knowing how a migraine feels. It’s hard to explain, as so many people experience different effects that migraines create. I have tried using medications meant for the stomach with ibuprofen and lots of water. I had a Doctor explain to me that babies get migraines however, they are created in the stomach of the baby verses in the head. If you have had a migraine you know that cold or hot can help, a bath or shower. Not all or if any medications can help.

I’ve heard of a medical surgery procedure that can sever the nerves causing such migraines. It has worked on some people. Depending on what state your in whether they will allow you to proceed with that avenue. I keep trying to have hope. Some days is less than others.

At this point all I can do is take it one day at a time. Migraines are not a top priority for a cure. I pray someday they will discover something simple to bring back a small example of quality of life.





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