I’ve Been in Pain My Whole Life

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My life has always been a struggle with pain. From migraines to mini-strokes.

Most Doctors think all you want are pain medications and won’t even try to find out what’s wrong.

I had two different Doctors that actually told me that it was all in my head. The first one committed me to a mental health evaluation and the other kept trying to make me take antidepressants for my pain.

I finally found new doctors and they are doing everything possible to find all of my issues and fix them. Have had numerous MRI’s and tests.

Now I’m on meds for my problems and possibly facing surgery. I trust in God for a happier and less painful life.

If I could give everyone suffering one thing I’ve found is prayers do work.

Never give up. Find that one doctor that actually cares about their patients more than their paycheck.

A better life can happen. Good luck and God bless


Source: http://cureup.org/story/pain-my-whole-life/



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