I Found a Way to Reduce The Migraines!

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I have had migraines and headaches for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with a chronic migraine in my teenage years. My doctors prescribed everything to try to prevent the migraines from happening… blood pressure meds, muscle relaxers, depression meds, epilepsy meds, fibromyalgia meds…nothing ever worked.

It was really hard for me to live a normal life. The severe headaches prevented me from doing basically everything. Every time I wanted to make plans I was afraid that the migraines would interfere with my plans. They usually did.

Finally, my neurologist suggested Botox.



Botox gave me my life back. I went from migraines 5-7 days per week to 1 or 2 days a week. I now coach high school softball and play roller derby. I can make weekend plans without worrying too much about having to cancel due to a migraine. I love my life.

If you are thinking about trying Botox, do it!!


Source: http://cureup.org/story/way-reduce-migraines/



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