I Cannot Work Because I Have Chronic Migraines

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Living with chronic migraine headaches is very hard for me.

I have to sit in a dark room and I can’t work because of the headaches. Everything they give me to take for it doesn’t work at all.

I have to suffer it out and they can last up to 2 weeks or maybe a whole month. Dealing with the pain is very hard for me cause I can’t do anything anymore.



Every day I try to do things to see if the headaches go away. I tried to talk to my doctor about it but they just keep switching up my medication.

Why do I have to live with chronic migraines? When my head is pounding really bad gets to the point that I get a headache in the front of my head as well as the back of my head.

What can I do to make the migraines to ease up just a little bit? My doctor had to take me off of work just because the pain I am going through.


Source: http://cureup.org/story/cannot-work-chronic-migraines/



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